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What Are the Steps in Selling Your Home For Cash?

Selling your house for cash to a home-buying company is different from a traditional home sale in that the process is typically much more streamlined. Kingsmen Development Co. serves Durham and Wake County and surrounding area. 

Here are the steps involved when selling your house for cash in Raleigh, North Carolina:


1. Contact a reputable cash buyer: You’ll want to research an experienced, trustworthy home-buying company in Raleigh that can offer you a fair price for your property and close on the sale quickly. Kingsmen Development Co. buys houses for cash, professionally renovates them, and lists them. 

2. Have your property assessed: The home-buying company will usually arrange an assessment of your property to determine its value and assess any necessary repairs or renovations before making you an all-cash offer.

3. We make an offer: Based on our evaluation, we will make you a cash offer. You can negotiate the offer until both parties are happy with the agreed-upon price.

4. Sign the paperwork: All that's left is to sign the paperwork and wait for your cash payment! Once everything is finalized, you’ll receive your money quickly, usually within a week of signing the papers. We make the selling process as fast and easy as possible!

Selling your house for cash in Raleigh, NC or anywhere in the TRiangle and TRiad area can be a great win-win situation, allowing you to quickly get the money you need while saving time and avoiding costly repairs and renovations. As the owner of an unwanted property, you won’t need to worry about making any major repairs, updating outdated decor, or getting the home into perfect condition. 

How Is This Process Different from a Traditional Home Sale?

The traditional home sales process can be time-consuming and expensive. Listing the home, interacting with potential buyers and negotiating a sale typically takes at least three to four months. Repairs and renovations are often necessary before listing, as well as paying realtor fees, closing costs, title insurance, taxes, and more associated with a sale.

With a cash sale, the process is much more streamlined and typically takes only a few weeks from start to finish. Selling for cash also avoids repairs, renovations, realtor fees, closing costs, and other associated expenses. Plus, you get your money quickly — usually within a week of signing the paperwork. 


At Kingsmen Development Co., we understand the Raleigh-Durham real estate market and what home buyers and real estate investors are looking for. Whatever your home’s current condition may be, contact us to get the ball rolling. We make a cash offer within 7 days, so contact us today! 

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